i write. i design. i collaborate. i build brand community for business. i build marketing communications for business.

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Market position + technical white papers | PowerPoint presentations | Process analysis + mapping | Product/service fact sheets | RFPs + business plans | Guidelines + manuals | Document management | Press releases + media kits | Online content + site navigation | Scripts + storyboards.

I build brand community by being a business writer and by generating ideas that sell. I take seemingly different companies and co-brand them seamlessly into shared communities that generate revenue. Sure, I can give you all that marketing speak about how I understand that your brand is the single most important asset of your company and that I know how hard it is to build it and to maintain trust in it. But I not going to preach here because I do understand this and I keep it top of mind in every concept I develop and in everything I write. I also understand that you need to see a return on your investment on what I do or why hire me in the first place.I invite you to take a look at some of the projects I've worked on over the years. There's a lot more where these came from.  

But then, that's a discussion for another time. Perhaps face to face at a place of your choice.


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I'd like to be part of your team. Click on the link below to visit my blog, see what I'm all about and view some more of my work.

Building brand community by aligning your voice with your customer experience.

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